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LJ Confuses Me

I'm trying to search for the vegan_people community and don't know how to find it anymore.


Thanks. In the meantime, I'll post the link here I meant for that community.

A whale washed up in Spain, dead from plastics ingestion. Trader Joe's/Aldi's is responsible in a way, but all plastics are dangerous. This is a terribly sad reminder.



Waaaaaaaaaaa Return to Facebook

I had to return to Facebook this morning, because I wanted to share this hideous petition. I mean the petition isn't hideous, but what it's about is. I guess if there's anything that's going to get me back to Facebook, it's (neo) Nazism. :/ I hope I can restrict my time there better now, though.


Please sign the petition. It's to force the EU to take action against Hungary's dictator. Apparently under EU Treaty, all countries are to be a "democracy." I know, I know no country is really, but what this Ader is doing is criminalizing queers and other left-wing groups and giving awards to neo-Nazis. It's pretty chilling, and the EU isn't stepping in. It makes me think the EU only wanted to gain financial control of the other countries and doesn't give a shit about people. I think of Greece, of course. I always think of Greece!

Greece 050


Every time I say I'M GOING TO POST REGULARLY I don't, so I won't say it.

Some fun drama shit going on FB. I think once I get my field study project completed for school I'm going to can my FB account. I don't need that crap and the bad news in the feed is just getting to be too much. Too much.

I have a PT job. It's okay, but the commute is hell for the hours. Need to find something else.

Taking a leave of absence from school this coming semester; vaguely worrying about student loan payments, but since I'm broke they really can't take any money from me.
expand their sanctuary. For zoning reasons, the land beside this sanctuary in Colorado must be used for animals. If Peaceful Prairie cannot afford to buy it, it will become a ranch or slaughter facility.

You can read more here:



Vicenzo or My Cousin Vinnie



A friend of mine went up to Goat Mountain Ranch Sanctuary to film Rob feeding the animals. She plans to make a short video about the place. We'd been chatting on FB and she told me she was going so I asked if she wanted company. It's been a while since I've been up there, though I kept meaning to go and see Pearlie who lost her Fiona a couple months back. It turned out to be chilly but also a really nice morning. I shoveled pony poop. I think Rob is a bit pretentious and misogynistic and condescending, but the animals are really awesome, and I think I've decided I'd like to volunteer there on a regular basis, despite Rob.

Anyway, I took some pictures of course and wanted to post a couple for you. I'll do it in a few different posts.

Sanctuary November 2012 011


Anyone else doing this? I think icanseenow is?

I'm not sure this is the most brilliant thing for me to do - I have a lot of work on my novel for school, and actually am really enjoying that (I'm unstuck! Knock on wood!)

The first time I did NaNo, I "won." The second two times were a flop. The first time I didn't begin until November 9th. I started something for it the day before yesterday, but I don't like it. I may cheat and go back to something I've already begun. For me the point is to finish something. It would be nice to be able to work on stuff so that I don't have 16 unedited and unfinished pieces lying around.

But I don't know if I should cheat like that. ;)


More Pictures

And now, for your viewing pleasure I am going to post a couple more photos that I took 2 days ago.

More Leaves 021

More Leaves 012

Tree Crow



I have no clue how to edit a document either in adobe and/or google docs. I am beyond frustrated!


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